2k uptime ;-)

Christian Kratzer ck at cksoft.de
Wed Aug 6 10:24:38 PDT 2003


On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Chip Morton wrote:

> What impresses me most about this setup is the fact that there hasn't been
> a power outage, hardware failure, or clumsy coffee drinker to foil the
> whole setup in these five years.  Amazing.

they have a dedicated ups on this machine and I can remember about 3-4 years
back when there was some larger work on the electrical wiring in the building
in question.  We dragged power to the server room in question using extension
cords (the 3 phase 380V kind that has a box with multiple 2 phase 220V plugs).

The machine survived plugging the ups out of the power supply and into the
temp. power and back again.  That was 3-4 years back.  ;-)

Apart from that the machine lives on the far left on top shelf in an
air conditioned server room.  Nobody ever has to move it around if they
want to muck around with some of the other machines in there.

But the pc in question is a very plain off the shelf single cpu box with an
asus board, an ide disk and 3 x 3com 3c590 ethernet cards.  The power supply
has not failed, the hard disk has not failed dispite continuos logging and
rotating of the logs.

> Kudos to FreeBSD on its equally impressive stability.



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