writing articles for newspapers and magazines

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Mon Aug 4 13:29:36 PDT 2003

One of the ideas suggested early this year on this list (for advocacy)
was to write articles introducing or highlighting FreeBSD for various
magazines and newspapers.

I'd be happy to do this. (Over the past few years, I have written many
*BSD and open source articles for various print and online media.)

I can send query letters proposing to write new articles introducing
FreeBSD or to do reprints or rewrites of my previous articles.

Feel free to email me off-list with newspapers or magazines that you'd
like me to contact about publishing an article about FreeBSD. If you can,
please visit their website or read the magazine/newspaper for contact
information (editors names, email, phone, address, et cetera). If they
have published previous articles with a similar focus, please let me know.
(Any URLs will be great.)

Maybe your area has a computer or tech magazine; for example, my area has
the Computer Source magazine (and used to have TekBug).

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. Also, if you'd be interested in being interviewed for any of my
articles, please let me know off-list. It adds personality to the

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