We can't find a FreeBSD brochure.

Gary W. Swearingen swear at attbi.com
Fri Apr 25 17:54:32 PDT 2003

This was discussed a bit on -chat a few days ago, but I thought I should
note the problem here too.

Several of us will be manning a BSD booth at Saturday's "LinuxFext
Northwest" in Bellingham, WA, USA and couldn't find a BSD or FreeBSD
brochure in "letter" format, preferably in one and/or two pages.

It's too late for us now, but some advocates might want to get ready
for the next chance.  I'm not sure where they should be kept; preferably
they should be findable via a new "Advocacy" link on the freebsd.org
home page, probably on the left under "Support".

There are some "A4" versions (mostly BSD) at

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