ufs and ext

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 25 15:25:26 PDT 2003

".VWV." wrote:
> I have noticed both BSD and Linux pre-compiled kernels cannot mount read-write
> the other filesystem. It's a shame that a newbie could think one is able to
> read, the other one is able to write. We know ufs was born before ext. Some
> Linux distributions has also adopted ReiserFS on Linux, that's really a
> not-unix filesystem. Why at PASC nobody has declared what's the best
> standard?

Everyone has declared their own as being "the best standard",
so no one interoperates.  8-).

As to defaults, the issue is one of License conflicts.  The
GPL is poison-pilled against all other licenses, in clause 6.
You can, of course, compile your own kernel with whatever code
you want in it, in both Linux and BSD, so long as you do not
distribute a binary that can't legally be licensed.

If you go with the "least common denominator", e.g. FAT32,
then both systems can mount the FS read/write, no problem,
though that's probably not very satisfying to you.

-- Terry

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