Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Jakamara Bruce Jensen jakamara at
Mon Apr 14 02:05:53 PDT 2003

Terry Lambert wrote:
> Jakamara Bruce Jensen wrote:
>>Terry Lambert wrote:
>>>Michael Josefsson wrote:

>>Every user can fiddle around with own his settings for the look of his
>>wm and other things and settings.
>>But if he breaks it, he only has to switch back to standart, and he has
>>a running system back agein.
>>And no user has to care about the visual etc 'tunings' an other user has
> The scope of the "fiddling" with software settings is too large;
> I guaranteed you, I can break things in such a way that it's very
> had to get back to default settings, when it comes to software.

Can you do it while you are logged in as user?
If you can, then there are sloppy rights restrictions.

If you are loged in as root or an other admin account, then I asume you 
know what you are doing. If you don't and break the system down, then 
everyone is right to blame on you.

> The point of user interfaces is to abstract complexity; it always
> has been.  Whether or not this is possible, or the extent to which
> it is possible, if it is possible, really defend on how well the
> parts fit. Basically this comes down to normalization.

An advantage of normalisation is that an UI can check if the data makes 
sense. In some cases at least.

> One of the big strengths of FreeBSD is the rc.conf system; it is,
> if we are to be honest with ourselves, a "registry".

But is it writable as normal user?
I don't think so.

I always say, leave all the freedom for the admin, but keep the user 
away from things that can harm the system, if he doesn't nned it.


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