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In <Pine.LNX.4.44.0304081454220.2474-100000 at ns.isi.ulatina.ac.cr>, Fabio Miranda Hamburger <fabmirha at ns.isi.ulatina.ac.cr> typed:
> When there are hardware problems with FreeBSD that doesnt mean "freebsd is
> hard to use", It means the Proyect is incompetent and is not organized.
> Take a stadistical information about questions list on freebsd.org and
> most of the questions are hardware related problems.

True. Most of them are from trying to run FreeBSD on flaky

> FreeBSD doesnt see that as a 'weakness' cuz they are el1t3 at kernel
> stuff.

No, they just acknowledge that they don't have the manpower to support
every offbrand piece of garbage that finds it's way to a computer flea
market. That's life. If you want to run FreeBSD, you need to put up
with buying hardware that it runs on. Windows doesn't have that
problem because the makers of that off-brand garbage provide Windows
drivers for it - for a while. I've got audio cards that work fine with
FreeBSD that don't work with WinXP because the makers of the card quit
supporting it.

If you want to use cheap hardware, run Windows or do something
constructive for FreeBSD. Just whining about it is a waste of time.

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