Ethan telmnstr at
Tue Apr 8 08:43:01 PDT 2003

Hello all.

 I placed an order from thinkgeek the other day for the BSD daemon golf
shirt. I figured at the same time I'd order a few other shirts. The order
arrived, and the BSD shirt was missing. The invoice had nothing on it
except for the BSD shirt crossed out. I rechecked the emails and noticed
an odd boiler plate email that I would not be charged for shipping on the
undelivered item.

 An email to their order center yeileded a response a day later telling me
that the shirt was discontinued and no longer availible. Probably for the
better, as the other golf shirt I got from them has no less than 4 stray
threads hanging from it -- less quality than a Wal*Mart merchandise. And
the fact that they shove their URL within the other logos is kind of lame,
yes, everybody knows where the shit came from -- you don't need to self
advertise yourself. But what can you expect from people riding on sales to
optimistic linux users.

 So the question comes... where can one get BSD shirts? I have some
OpenBSD shirts which I love. But I would like to support the FreeBSD
project as we run 20 or so FreeBSD servers. It is good to wear FreeBSD
propaganda to large enterprise sites because it sparks conversation and
does well to get the word out. I owned the white Polo shirt and the white
t-shirts before, but I don't want white shirts again.

 Thoughts? I emailed the FreeBSD Mall people a while ago (year?) and they
said they were planning to screen the current logos on different color
shirts (Which would be good) but to this day it is still the same tired

 					-- Ethan

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