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On 2003-04-07 11:39 -0700, Johnson David <DavidJohnson at Siemens.com> wrote:

# "pander: someone who caters to or exploits the weaknesses of others"
# I hope you can see my point. There is a line between advocacy and 
# pandering that we should not cross.
# [snip]
# When FreeBSD has the lack of functionality of a hammer, then it won't 
# need instructions. Think about it. A hammer only does one thing (two if 
# you have a clawhammer). FreeBSD does a million things in a million 
# different ways. Of course it needs instructions!

But I do not think that we should "pander" users that are unwilling to
read the instructions or think that we must hand-hold them throughout
their entire learning experience.

That doesn't always mean that we should just say, "RTFM", but rather
point them to resources that best meet their needs and have them read up
on it.

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