Look what a mess I made (was Brilliant and very useful...)

Gregory A. Gilliss ggilliss at netpublishing.com
Mon Apr 7 08:36:01 PDT 2003

Happy Monday.

I've lurked a while in the hope that my initial topic would come around
again...finally.  The following excerpt makes my point for me:

> I somewhat disagree - most people use computers as a tool, and don't 
> care to learn all the ins and outs of the os.  Now, I personally want to 
> know what is going on in the os, but my (for instance and example again) 
> wife doesn't care.  She doesn't care how it got to the point it is at, 
> just as long as she can get what she needs to done.

Thanx to Eric Andersen who "got it".

My initial post (the article being debated) was *not* about the following:
GUIs or X or window managers
Anything else other than - good tools require no instruction

How many posters actually *read* the article?  Or did I just start yet
another *BSD flame war?  No *wonder* this best-of-breed product languishes
while (bleh) Linux increases market share (and PR share - FreeBSD PR sucks,
compared to M$ and - bleh - Linux).  Here's the link (in case it got lost):


The point - the reason that I thought that this article has value - 
is that the FreeBSD community doesn't - dare I say it - pander - to
the user community.  We act like the intelligencia of *NIX -

Good tools require no instruction.  That was the point, not the rest of
this didactic cruft.

Who among you ever read the instructions for a phone (not a cordless multi-
frequency-answering-machine-GPS-breathalyzer phone, but the unbox-it-plug-
it-in-listen-for-dial-tone phone?  Or a hammer?  When FreeBSD can, out of
the box, be a tool that clueless newbies (and we were *all* clueless newbies
once) can install and configure on their own (just like - bleh - Windows),
then we can all sit back and be arrogant (again - but not until then).


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