Brilliant and very useful for FreeBSD, IMHO

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Mon Apr 7 03:51:47 PDT 2003

Are-Harald Brenne wrote:
> I think the handbook can be intimidating for new users (it was for me).
> Installing FreeBSD looks like a hard and complicated procedure, but it
> is really quite easy and straight forward. I think perhaps a "pocket
> handbook" aimed to get new users going with an installation and then
> refering them to where they can learn more could attract more users.
> Writing more documentation is probably easier than writing new code :-P

	FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating System for Your Personal
		Computer, Second Edition (with CD-ROM)
	Annelise Anderson
	The Bit Tree Press
	ISBN: 0971204519

-- Terry

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