Sony Vaio VGN SZ483NC warm docking issues

Mitsuru IWASAKI iwasaki at
Wed Mar 5 16:19:35 UTC 2008


> I used load acpi_dock.ko and then boot as suggested by you but the problem still persists. I can undock successfully but cannot redock.

Hmm, your \_SB.DOCK._STA method always seems to return zero (i.e. dock
status method indicates that the system is undocked all the time)
that's why the same problem occurs on Linux kernel, I guess.

Could you try the following to prove my guess?

Case 1: boot the docked system.
Then obtain dock device information by sysctl and dmesg command.
# sysctl dev.acpi_dock > acpi_dock-boot.txt
# dmesg > dmesg-boot.txt

Case 2: boot the undocked system and dock.
sysctl command after docking.
# sysctl dev.acpi_dock > acpi_dock-docked.txt
# dmesg > dmesg-docked.txt

Case 3: boot the docked system, undock and redock.
sysctl command after redocking.
# sysctl dev.acpi_dock > acpi_dock-redocked.txt
# dmesg > dmesg-redocked.txt

`load /boot/kernel/acpi_dock' and `boot -v (verbose boot) 
at loader prompt would be helpful.


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