Sony Vaio VGN SZ483NC warm docking issues

Vishwanathan S V N vishketan at
Tue Mar 4 01:29:37 UTC 2008


I am running DesktopBSD 1.6.1 live DVD on my sony vaio
VGN SZ483NC laptop with a corresponding docking
station and am having problems with warm docking the
laptop. I am new to BSD but have used various flavors
of *Unix (mainly Linux) on and off for the past 10
years. So please let me know if something is unclear
or if you me to run any command for more information.

Scenario 1:

If I boot the laptop while it is docked then the
Marvell Yukon Ethernet card (PCI) is recognized
correctly and I can do a kldload if_msk and it shows
up if I do ifconfig. I can also do a dhclient msk1 and
configure it using DHCP.

If I now try to undock the laptop by pressing the
Undock button on the docking station nothing happens.
The "In Use" orange LED continues to glow. But I can
detach the laptop from the docking station with no
hard lockups or kernel panics. Of course the network
card is no longer available, but pciconf -lv still
shows the card as available.

Scenario 2:

If I boot the laptop away from the dock and then
subsequently dock it the Ethernet card on the docking
station is not recognized at all. The "In Use" LED
also does not glow indicating that the OS did not
recognize the docking station.  The problem only seems
to be with the PCI card and not with the other USB
devices or the monitor connected to the docking


I think a PCI bus scan is not triggered every time the
machine docks or undocks thus preventing warm docking.


My decompiled asl can be found at

Output from various commands like uname -a, pciconf
-lv, ifconfig etc can be found at

Other Information:

This works perfectly under Windows Vista. A similar
bug exists under Linux. In fact the machine hard
freezes whenever the Ethernet card on the docking
station is in use and I undock the machine without
pressing the Undock button. More details about the
problem can be found at:


I believe that the SONY docking stations are slightly
different from the IBM ones in that the docking
station does not appear as a device under PCI0 but
appears as a separate device. This seems to be common
feature of most SONY laptops which support a docking


ps: I am not subscribed to the list. So please CC me
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