ACPICA version 20080701 released

Moore, Robert robert.moore at
Tue Jul 1 19:49:43 UTC 2008

01 July 2008. Summary of changes for version 20080701:

This release is available at
Direct git access via

0) Git source tree /

Fixed a problem where a git-clone from http would not transfer the
entire source tree.

1) ACPI CA Core Subsystem:

Implemented a "careful" GPE disable in AcpiEvDisableGpe, only modify one
enable bit. Now performs a read-change-write of the enable register
instead of simply writing out the cached enable mask. This will prevent
inadvertent enabling of GPEs if a rogue GPE is received during
initialization (before GPE handlers are installed.)

Implemented a copy for dynamically loaded tables. Previously,
dynamically loaded tables were simply mapped - but on some machines this
memory is corrupted after suspend. Now copy the table to a local buffer.
For the OpRegion case, added checksum verify. Use the table length from
the table header, not the region length. For the Buffer case, use the
table length also. Dennis Noordsij, Bob Moore. BZ 10734

Fixed a problem where the same ACPI table could not be dynamically
loaded and unloaded more than once. Without this change, a table cannot
be loaded again once it has been loaded/unloaded one time. The current
mechanism does not unregister a table upon an unload. During a load, if
the same table is found, this no longer returns an exception. BZ 722

Fixed a problem where the wrong descriptor length was calculated for the
EndTag descriptor in 64-bit mode. The "minimal" descriptors such as
EndTag are calculated as 12 bytes long, but the actual length in the
internal descriptor is 16 because of the round-up to 8 on the 64-bit
build. Reported by Linn Crosetto. BZ 728

Fixed a possible memory leak in the Unload operator. The DdbHandle
returned by Load() did not have its reference count decremented during
unload, leading to a memory leak. Lin Ming. BZ 727

Fixed a possible memory leak when deleting thermal/processor objects.
Any associated notify handlers (and objects) were not being deleted.
Fiodor Suietov. BZ 506

Fixed the ordering of the ASCII names in the global mutex table to match
the actual mutex IDs. Used by AcpiUtGetMutexName, a function used for
debug only. Vegard Nossum. BZ 726

Enhanced the AcpiGetObjectInfo interface to return the number of
required arguments if the object is a control method. Added this call to
the debugger so the proper number of default arguments are passed to a
method. This prevents a warning when executing methods from AcpiExec.

Added a check for an invalid handle in AcpiGetObjectInfo. Return
AE_BAD_PARAMETER if input handle is invalid. BZ 474

Fixed an extraneous warning from exconfig.c on the 64-bit build.

Example Code and Data Size: These are the sizes for the OS-independent
acpica.lib produced by the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 32-bit compiler. The
debug version of the code includes the debug output trace mechanism and
has a much larger code and data size.

  Previous Release:
    Non-Debug Version:  79.3K Code, 16.2K Data,  95.5K Total
    Debug Version:     153.0K Code, 48.2K Data, 201.2K Total
  Current Release:
    Non-Debug Version:  79.6K Code, 16.2K Data,  95.8K Total
    Debug Version:     153.5K Code, 48.2K Data, 201.7K Total

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

iASL: Added two missing ACPI reserved names. Added _MTP and _ASZ, both
resource descriptor names.

iASL: Detect invalid ASCII characters in input (windows version).
Removed the "-CF" flag from the flex compile, enables correct detection
of non-ASCII characters in the input. BZ 441

iASL: Eliminate warning when result of LoadTable is not used. Eliminate
the "result of operation not used" warning when the DDB handle returned
from LoadTable is not used. The warning is not needed. BZ 590

AcpiExec: Add support for dynamic table load/unload. Now calls _CFG
method to pass address of table to the AML. Added option to disable
OpRegion simulation to allow creation of an OpRegion with a real address
that was passed to _CFG. All of this allows testing of the Load and
Unload operators from AcpiExec.

Debugger: update tables command for unloaded tables. Handle unloaded
tables and use the standard table header output routine.

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