ACPI error on Compaq nc6220, FreeBSD 7.0

Roman Pavlik rp at
Mon Sep 24 00:10:39 PDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 23, 2007 at 10:57:20AM +0400, Denis wrote:
> I used your patch version D and Jung-uk's patch. I did not have kernel
> panic. But it is impossible to work with ACPI enabled. System seems to
> "hang" every 2-3 seconds. "hang" - means that, for example, during
> boot stage (getting ip-adress) it stops and did not go further. I got
> workaround for this - enter to debug (with ctrl+alt+esc) and than
> continue. So after repeating this several times (10-15) I get login
> prompt.
> When I type login name and press enter - I do not see this on the
> screen. Then I enter debug, continue, and got password invitation.
> Enter my password, press enter - see nothing new at the screen. Enter
> debug, continue - and see command prompt.
> With the same way able to reboot (type command, enter to debug,
> continue, enter to debug, continue and so on).

I've seen similar issue with ACPI on my HP 6710b. Escape to debug and
return doesn't help. Sometimes helps disconecting AC line. The workaround
is comment out the following line in GENERIC:
 #options     PREEMPTION              # Enable kernel thread preemption       
 #options     ADAPTIVE_GIANT          # Giant mutex is adaptive.           

Rebuild kernel, reinstall, reboot. 


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