ACPI summary available

Nate Lawson nate at
Thu Jul 12 21:10:00 UTC 2007

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Thanks to a note on /., I found what looks to be a very nice summary of
> ACPI and its myriad of states (C, D, G, S, and P). While it does not go
> into ASL, the ACPI tables, or things of that sort, it is probably a
> good starting place for those interested in just what ACPI is all about.
> It filled in some gaps (especially about D and lower C states) for me.
> One small request...I am far from an ACPI expert and there may be
> serious flaws in the article that I am unaware of. If so, please let me
> know so I don't recommend it more widely. IF it looks good, I plan to
> post a message about it to mobile at .

It's ok.  It doesn't include much real knowledge such as the fact that
S2 has seldom been observed on a real system.  It includes very
processor-rev specific stuff such as which P states are supported on
which CPUs.  The diagram leaves out the embedded controller completely.


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