System freezes on resume

Nate Lawson nate at
Mon Jul 9 17:58:59 UTC 2007

Bernardo García Fuentes wrote:
> Hi, in the past week I have been trying to make my notebook (Packard
> Bell Easynote MX2060) resume from sleep with "acpiconf -s 3" or "apm
> -z" without success.
> The notebook goes to sleep mode without problems, but when I press any
> key to make it resume, it just freezes without even turning on the LCD
> monitor, I only hear the sound of the HDD or DVD drive tuning on, but
> nothing else happens, keys doesn't work, and I have to press the power
> button 5 seconds in order to shut down the notebook, and then reboot
> FreeBSD.
> I'm running FreeBSD 6.1 with ACPI and apmd, and here I attach all the
> information I considered important.
> Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

apmd doesn't work with acpi.

If you upgrade to 6.2-stable, you can try setting
debug.acpi.suspend_bounce to see if any drivers cause problems.  You can
also set debug.acpi.resume_beep to see if you get the beep as it
resumes.  These options aren't present in 6.1.


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