FIXED: Re: Problems with an IBM Thinkpad X40

Rasmus Skaarup mfbsd at
Sat Nov 20 12:33:15 PST 2004

> On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 01:40:43AM +0100, Rasmus Skaarup wrote:
>> My problem is that the system freezes whenever I press a button (volume
>> up, volume down, mute) or when I connect or disconnect the power.
>    I'm not sure if this is the notorious FreeBSD-on-IBM-TP
> problem. Give it a try, I hope it helps.
>    Briefly speaking, turn off secondary IDE.

Yes! That fixed it. Everything works now. Thanks!

For the record: I downloaded the "Configuration utility for DOS - ThinkPad 
General" from:

Ran the exe file on a Windows machine, burned the 
"%WINROOT%\DRIVERS\WIN\UTILITY" folder (which the exe file just created) 
on a cd. Booted my X40 on a MS-DOS 7.10 bootable CD. Inserted the cd I
just prepared, and ran the ps2.exe utility as follows:


And rebooted.

Best regards,
Rasmus Skaarup

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