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Karen Simmons - Autism Today CEO news at
Thu Jun 25 21:29:48 UTC 2009

Dear Friends of Autism Today,

As you all know, it's been over 10 years since we created Autism Today.
And in that time, the diagnosis of autism has exploded and the
discussion of symptoms, treatments and causes has also exploded.

Despite this, there is very little quantitative research being done in
autism that can help improve diagnoses and treatments for all these new
families with special needs children.

We can change that with your help.

By joining "Find A Cure Panel" for people with autism and their
caregivers, you can participate in research designed specifically for
our community.

What's more, we will donate a minimum of $10 per completed survey to
Autism Today's, sister non-profit, the KEEN Education Foundation.

Please join the "Find A Cure Panel" by completing the two minute link

Please note that "Find A Cure Panel" is a market research company with
no philosophy or perspective as to autism and whether it can be cured or
not. In fact the "Find A Cure Panel" also researches other types of
treatment for disorders and diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's and
other serious disorders including autism. 

Please email me with any questions about this great new program that
promises to help us help our children.

Best to all of you,

Karen Simmons
karen at
2016 Sherwood Dr #3
Sherwood Park, Ab
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<>  to sign
up now, and thank you for your continued support!	 

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