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With 1 in every 150 children being diagnosed on the spectrum, autism has
become an epidemic and now affects millions of people worldwide. More
and more research is taking place, and breakthroughs are being made all
the time in many different fields, but it is becoming a struggle for
anyone to stay on top of all these advances.

Finding quality information about autism can be like trying to find a
needle in a haystack.

>From specific medications, biomedical interventions, behavioral
strategies and communication tools, your child will be in a much better
place through the efforts you pursue, but how do you get the best
information to base your decisions on?

One of the greatest sources of quality information has long been autism
conferences. Now more than ever, there is a greater demand for more
conferences, in more places, with more autism experts that specialize in
all different areas of the spectrum. But organizing and producing
quality conferences is very expensive. 

Quality autism conferences with leading experts and speakers arenâ?Tt
offered as often as we would like them to be.

Attending autism conferences is also very expensive. You have to pay to
attend the conference which can cost you anywhere from about $400 for a
weekend conference to upwards of $3,000 for a multi-day super-conference
with the top speakers in the world. But it doesnâ?Tt end there...

You also have to consider your travel expenses, hotel expenses, meal
expenses, lost income from time off work, and the list goes on and on...

It can very quickly cost you a few thousand dollars to
attend an autism conference with top-rated autism experts.

But when you consider the state of the economy, many of us are looking
to save more money than usual not knowing what the future has in store.
And this is where we struggle, because like any loving parent, we will
do anything for our children. In fact, many times, one of the parents
will take a leave of absence from work when their child is first
diagnosed on the spectrum.

But we will always find a way to learn from the most widely recognized
experts in the autism field.

What if you could eliminate ALL the costs associated with traveling to
an autism conference and then pay ONLY the cost of the conference over
the course of an entire year?

Now you can with the...


The Autism At Home SeriesT is a monthly program that provides you with
the most up-to-date information on the spectrum (the equivalent of a
multi-day autism super-conference) from the top-rated autism experts in
the world delivered to your door every month.

It is a fantastic way to get the newest thoughts, practices and
breakthroughs for therapy and strategies dealing with the autism

The Autism At Home SeriesT offers you:

#1. A Monthly Autism At Home SeriesT Publication.

A monthly jam-packed report with a compilation of the best advice, tips,
strategies and ideas about topics of vital interest to anyone whose life
is affected by autism.  We cover numerous important topics including:

_check.png> Parenting & Family Dynamics
_check.png> Diet & Nutrition	 
_check.png> Fitness & Exercise
_check.png> Interventions	 
_check.png> Biomedical & Clinical Issues
_check.png> Social Communication & Language Issues	 
_check.png> Music Therapy
_check.png> Educational Programs	 
_check.png> Alternative Therapies
_check.png> Self Advocacy	 
_check.png> Safety Advocacy
_check.png> Understanding Autism from the â?oInside Outâ?	 

And much, much more.

Each info-packed edition of the Autism At Home SeriesTM Publication has
a minimum of 24 pages of solid hands-on, no-nonsense content. This
advertisement-free publication is like a multi-day autism conference in
print. And that is why the contributing writers we brought in to this
program are considered to be some of the highest rated and most sought
after experts in their field.

Our current roster of writers includes:

Dr. Stephen Shore - â?oSuccess Through The Lifespan For People With
Autism: An Inside View�	 
Stephen is an internationally renowned consultant, speaker, and author
on lifespan issues pertinent to education, relationships, employment,
advocacy, and disclosure as discussed in his numerous publications. He
serves in the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, for the Board
of Directors for Aspergerâ?Ts Association of New England, the Autism
Society of America, and several other autism related organizations. He
writes on leading a successful, fulfilling life with autism using your
Julie Matthews â?" â?oFood Mattersâ?	 
Julie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in nutrition and
dietary intervention for autism. Julieâ?Ts comprehensive book,
Nourishing Hope, explains the scientific rationale for autism diets and
provides parents and clinicians with a holistic guide to implementation.
She writes on the science and application of diet and nutrition for
Thomas A. McKean â?" â?oA View From Inside the Autism Puzzleâ?	 
Thomas has an amazing list of achievements considering being diagnosed
with autism in 1979. Among them, having served two terms (five years) on
the national board of the Autism Society of America, received an
honorary Colonelâ?Ts commission for his work with international
advocacy, and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show with his literary
achievement award-winning book Soon Will Come the Light. He writes on
his personal views and perspectives living with autism.	 
Rebecca Sperber, M.S., MFT â?" â?oEnlightened Interventionâ?	 
g> 	Rebecca is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist. She
has a private practice in Brentwood, California and is also the Director
for the Los Angeles Miller Method Resource Center for Autism. She writes
on clinical issues, family dynamics and educational interventions.
Dr. Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP â?" â?oThe Sounding Boardâ?
	Diane is a licensed speech-language pathologist specializing in
autism and related disorders. The editor-in-chief of Autism Spectrum
Quarterly, Dr. Twachtman-Cullen is also co-chair of the Autism Society
of Americaâ?Ts Panel of Professional Advisors, and the author of
numerous articles and chapters. She writes on social communication and
language issues in autism spectrum disorders.	 
Jennifer Buchanan â?" â?oKey of Aâ?	 
Jennifer is an accredited music therapist and past-President of the
Canadian Association for Music Therapy. A recognized expert on music
therapy for children, adults and seniors, Jennifer was instrumental in
the implementation of hundreds of music therapy programs throughout
Canada. Sheâ?Ts an accomplished speaker at national conferences,
universities and association meetings. She writes about perspectives on
music therapy techniques and applications for people with autism.
Bill Davis - â?oSafety-Advocacy and the Family Dynamicâ?	 
 <http://www.autismathomeseries.com/Home_files/bill headshot.jpg> 
	Bill is the author of Breaking Autismâ?Ts Barriers A Fatherâ?Ts
Story and Dangerous Encounters Avoiding Perilous Situations with Autism.
He is also the recipient of Temple Universityâ?Ts â?oEnd the Victimâ?Ts
Silence� Advocacy Award. Bill has also been a keynote speaker for
Unlocking Autism and The Autism Society of America. He writes about
safety, advocacy and the family dynamic.	 
Eric Chessen â?" â?oFitness Builds Futuresâ?	 
Eric is a Fitness Specialist and Consultant, and founder of Beyond
Boundaries Fitness. Heâ?Ts providing our readers with exercise and
wellness strategies for individuals with autism. Eric has also presented
nationally on the topic of fitness for the autism population.	 
Rhonda Spellman â?" â?oBeyond The Spectrumâ?	 
 <http://www.autismathomeseries.com/Home_files/Rhonda at CAL


Rhonda Spellman is the founder of The WrIte Story
(www.AutismWithRhonda.com) where she has taught over 4,500 children
(most with special needs) to write and illustrate complete books; the
creator of Autism Awareness: From Suspicion to Success
(www.rhondaspellman.wordpress.com/) where she shares her story to help
others. She is an EVVY award winning author, partner with Tate
Publishing, the Membership Chair for Colorado Independent Publishers
Association (CIPABooks.com) and the mother to two wonderful boys. Her
3rd book, Autism or Asperger's Syndrome? One Mother's Journey in Search
of Truth is due out soon. Her mission: To Reach, Teach and Inspire
children with disABILITIES.	 
William Stillman â?" â?oThe Inside-Out Perspectiveâ?	 
pg> 	William is a nationally recognized autism self-advocate, speaker
and author of numerous special needs parenting books including
Demystifying the Autistic Experience, The Everything Parentâ?Ts Guide to
children with Aspergerâ?Ts Syndrome, and Autism and the God Connection.
He serves on several advisory boards including Autism National
Committee. In his work, Stillman seeks to passionately transform
perceptions of autism from those defined as â?oafflicted sufferersâ? to
those with valuable gifts to offer the world.	 
Laurence A. Becker, PhD â?" â?oWhatâ?Ts Old, Whatâ?Ts New: Books & Films
Worth Knowing�	 
	Laurence is an educator involved with film since 1969. He
founded and directed the Texas Student Film Festival. In 1983 he
produced With Eyes Wide Open, an international, award-winning
documentary film about Richard Wawro, autistic savant artist from
Scotland. He writes on the portrayal of disability through film.
Donna Williams â?" â?oFrom the Arty Autieâ?	 
Donna was diagnosed as autistic in 1990. Among being an artist,
sculptor, composer and screenwriter, she is also an internationally
best-selling author with 9 published books in the field of autism
including four text books. Donna is a renowned international public
speaker, a qualified teacher and has worked as an autism consultant
since 1995. She writes on her personal views and perspectives living
with autism.	 
Keri Bowers â?" â?oPossibilities, Disabilities and the Artsâ?	 
pg> 	Keri is a parent, advocate, filmmaker, writer and speaker on
autism. Her films, Normal People Scare Me, The Sandwich Kid and ARTS
have received rave reviews and awards. Keriâ?Ts new book, Mapping
Transitions to Your Childâ?Ts Future takes her and sons Taylor and Jace
all over the world to share perspectives on â?owhat nowâ? to help
families plan for futures and create opportunities for social and life
skill development.	 
Karen Simmons â?" â?oNavigating the Autism Mazeâ?	 
Karen is the founder and CEO of Autism Today and organizes autism
conferences attended by thousands all over North America where she
brings in the smartest minds in the different fields of the autism
spectrum to share their information. Karen shares her views as a parent
of a child with autism and shares inspiration that helped her to keep
focused and motivated.	 

And in addition to these great monthly articles, we will also keep you
up-to-date on:

Upcoming Events & Schedules - Youâ?Tll always know where the next autism
conferences are going to be.

And the monthly Autism At Home Seriesâ"¢ publication 
is only one part of the whole program.


$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
Click to Enroll Now

The Program Also Includes...

2. A monthly Audio Interview on CD. These are exclusive interviews with
autism experts in various fields. Topics include social skills,
inclusion, music therapy, methodologies, safety, parenting and mapping
transitions to the future. We ask the questions, and get practical,
hands-on advice, ideas and tips from them. Use these CDâ?Ts to turn
commuting hours into power thinking hours, where you can listen and
learn at the same time.

3. At Least a 20% DISCOUNT OFF All Future Paid Autism Today Conferences.
Every year we hold several autism conferences that cost up to $395 to
attend. With your enrollment in the Autism At Home SeriesT you will get
additional savings if you wish to attend the conference - at least 20%
off the regular attendance.

4. Discounted Pricing on Our Top Products ALL The Time. As you may
recall, we sell a variety of different products and programs on our
website to assist with developing the skills of children on the
spectrum. With your enrollment in the Autism At Home SeriesT you will
have access to some of our most popular products at a discounted rate.

5. Autism At Home SeriesT Teleconferences. 3-4 times a year we hold a
teleconference for people enrolled in the Autism At Home SeriesT. You
are sent a call-in number, date, time and access code in advance. On the
call, Karen will either personally teach on a topic of interest, or
co-present with one of our experts. And the best part of it all is that
you can ask any questions you may have and they will answer them on the

6. More Great Benefits To Come. As this program is brand new, other
exciting benefits will evolve as enrollment grows. And when you enroll
in the Autism At Home SeriesTM, your price is locked in for as long as
you remain enrolled AND you will receive all New Autism At Home SeriesT
benefits at no extra charge as they are added to the program.

7.And last, but not least:

It is always 100% Risk-FREE...

If at any time you are not 100% convinced that the Autism At Home
SeriesT is of value to you, give us a call, and we will cancel your
enrollment immediately. No questions asked. If you are not completely
satisfied, we want you to cancel your enrollment.

Our mission is to bring autism education and awareness to the masses. We
want to provide the best possible information from the top-rated experts
in the world at the lowest possible cost.

$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
Click to Enroll Now

Every month you will have 12 or more autism experts sharing their very
best ideas, tips, strategies and advice about parenting and family
dynamics, nutrition and fitness, interventions, biomedical and clinical
issues, educational programs and alternatives, self advocacy and so much
more. All of this bundled up in one convenient package and delivered to
your front door every month.

You will also be able to hear our latest expert audio interviews on CD
in the comfort of your home or vehicle. What you will learn are things
that you can immediately put to use in the care of your child. And you
can review this great information at any time you want.

You will also save on any paid seminars or products that we feature. You
will always get at least a 20% discount off our paid conferences, and
you will always have the option to purchase our top products at
discounted pricing.

And then you get personal access to top-rated autism experts three to
four times a year through the Autism At Home SeriesT Teleconferences.
You bring the questions â?" weâ?Tll give you the answers.

 And itâ?Ts 100% RISK-FREE...

If at any time, and for any reason you are not 100% convinced that the
program is right for you, you can cancel without penalty, no questions
asked. Just give us a call, or send us a quick note asking us to cancel
your enrollment and weâ?Tll do it immediately.

At the end of the day you have to be the one who decides if the
information, knowledge and benefits you receive with your enrollment in
the Autism At Home SeriesT are right for you. We really believe in this
program and we want to encourage you to give the Autism At Home SeriesT
a try. So for a limited time only we are offering you a...

$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
Click to Enroll Now

We believe that you have to experience the Autism At Home SeriesT for
yourself in order to see if itâ?Ts right for you. Read the publication,
listen to the CD Interview, call in to the teleconference, and take
advantage of your Autism At Home SeriesT enrollment for 30 days.

If at any time within your first 30 days you decide that the program is
not a good fit for you, contact our office and we will immediately
cancel your enrollment no questions asked, and you can keep the issue
and ALL the bonuses on us (keep reading, theyâ?Tre coming!).

Then, after the 30 days, we will continue to charge you the low price of
only $34.95 USD every month, conveniently billed to your credit card. If
at any time after your FREE Trial, you do not wish to continue with your
enrollment either e-mail us or give us a call at 1-888-450-1859 or fax
us a note to 1-866-415-3082 and our office will STOP charging your
credit card immediately.

Weâ?Tre excited to offer you the following BONUSES
FREE with your enrollment today...

#1.  FREE E-Book: The Autism 101 Manual ($24.95 Value)	 
 <http://www.autismtoday.com/images/autism101manualflat.jpg> 	The
Official Autism 101 Manual is your ultimate resource for understanding
and responding to autism as a parent or a professional. An Amazon.com
Best-Seller, only this master collection brings you the very latest
ideas and insights from the authors and experts you already trust plus
many new voices you can now hear for the first time.

With 44 contributors, you learn from dozens of caring experts and
supporters who bring you the best the autism community has to offer. The
first and only resource of itâ?Ts kind for the autism community:

- A collective of the worldâ?Ts leading autism experts--all in one place
- Available in regular book and E-book format - Semi-annual updates
available to keep you current with the latest information - Live links
to all related experts, websites, services, and products - The complete
range of perspectives, approaches, and methods	 
#2.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speakers Dr. Stephen Shore and Leah
Hawirko ($39.95 Value)	 
Dr. Stephen Shore is an internationally renowned consultant, speaker,
and author on lifespan issues pertinent to education, relationships,
employment, advocacy, and disclosure as discussed in his numerous
publications. He serves in the Interagency Autism Coordinating
Committee, for the Board of Directors for Aspergerâ?Ts Association of
New England, the Autism Society of America, and several other autism
related organizations. He writes on leading a successful, fulfilling
life with autism using your strengths.

In this audio seminar you will learn: Life long success strategies for
people with autism, preventing burnout, maximizing the well being for
families with autism, introducing the concept of â?othrive in fiveâ?,
taking small steps that result in big outcomes
#3.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Arnold Miller ($39.95 Value)
<http://www.autismathomeseries.com/Home_files/a-miller.jpg> 	Arnold
Miller, Ph.D, Director of the Language and Cognitive Development Center
of Boston and Affiliate Professor of Psychology, Clark University,
received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Clark University. He
has held research appointments at Boston University and Harvard Medical
School, served on the faculty of the University of Montana and directed
the Language Development Laboratory at Wrentham State School in

In this audio seminar you will learn: The Miller Method of treatment,
the cognitive developmental theory and practice that helps children
reach new stages of development, the ways that children with autism have
been treated in the past, how the Miller Method contrasts with the most
commonly used method, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), for evoking the
desired behaviors in autistic children.
#4.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Dave Seiver ($39.95 Value)
<http://www.autismathomeseries.com/Home_files/davesiever.jpg> 	Dave
Seiver graduated in 1978 as an engineering technologist, and he later
worked in the faculty of dentistry at the University of Alberta
designing TMJ dysfunction related diagnostic equipment and research
facilities. In 1984 Dave designed his first audio/visual entrainment
device, the David 1 (Digital Audio Visual Integration Device). Heâ?Ts
been researching and refining AVE technology since 1984 used
specifically for relaxation in treating anxiety, depression, PMS, ADD,
FMS, insomnia, and cognitive decline in seniors. Dave has written a
book, presents at conferences, has five articles on AVE in Biofeedback
Magazine and has much more on the way.

In this audio seminar you will learn: About stress, sleep, anxiety, and
depression and the creation of the David 1 entrainment device. As well
as how to increase your childâ?Ts attention span, improve learning, and
decrease mood swings.	 
#5.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Judith Bluestone ($39.95
Judith Bluestone has a special passion for working with Autism Spectrum
Disorders... she has personally made the journey from autism and other
neurological disorders to â?oneurotypical functionality.â? In her 35+
years in the field of education, she has served as a teacher, a learning
disabilities specialist, a director of pre-school special services, a
therapist, a private consultant, a university adjunct faculty lecturer,
and a conference presenter.

In this audio seminar you will learn: Nutritional ways to enhance brain
building and quality of life for people on the autism spectrum.	 
#6.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Karen DeFelice ($39.95
Karen DeFelice is an author, enzyme expert, and mother of two autistic
sons. She has a Masters of Sciences degree from the University of
Kentucky. She has worked in the areas of education and the sciences for
over 24 years, writing numerous education publications, technical
documents and interactive software titles. She is the author of Enzymes
for Autism and other Neurological Conditions, The Practical Guide to
Digestive Enzymes and Better Behavior, and Enzymes: Go with your Gut.
Her speaking events include teaching on enzymes and digestive health,
supplements and diets and practical tips, and information on
implementing enzyme therapy. She has first hand experience with chronic
health issues in her self as well as her family and using enzymes as
part of the total health solution.

In this audio seminar you will learn: About diet, enzymes, and
nutritional supplements that make a difference for autism. Also
discussed, a new concept around autism and viruses.
#7.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Nathan Ory ($39.95 Value)
Nathan Ory, M.A. is a registered psychologist who has worked in
Victoria, British Columbia since 1978 with children and adults with
mentally handicapping conditions. He specializes in individuals with
autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, extremely challenging
behavior, and diagnosis with a concurrent mental illness.

In this audio seminar you will learn: Effective counseling of persons
with high functioning autism and aspergers, looking at how the
egocentric and the concrete thinking anchor the kind of thinking that
people with autism do.
#8.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Pat Wyman ($39.95 Value)
Pat Wyman, M.Ed. is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and
founder of The Center for New Discoveries in Learning and
HowToLearn.com. She has helped over 200,000 kids learn to read, discover
their learning styles and find nutritional strategies that work. She is
the author of Learning vs. Testing: Strategies That Bridge The Gap, The
Instant Learning Book Series, and Whatâ?Ts Food Got To Do With It: 101
Natural Remedies For Learning Disabilities. Sheâ?Ts also a contributing
author to The Official Autism 101 Manual as well as co-author of a new
book with Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar called 101 Great Ways To Improve
Your Life. Pat Wyman is known as Americaâ?Ts most trusted learning
expert, and is a featured author on AutismToday.com.

In this audio seminar you will learn: Strategies for helping kids read
better, and nutritional information that you can apply immediately in
your household. As well as an in depth look at various learning styles
for children. This call features an extended question and answer period
with Pat. 	
#9.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker Sky Canyon ($39.95 Value)
Sky Canyon has an extensive background in book publishing, health
technologies, personal development seminars and training, and creative
development. He has been a consultant to entrepreneurs, authors, and
other creative artists for over 20 years and has experience in domestic
and international marketing, strategic planning, and product
development, currently advising several early stage companies. He has
been president of New World Library, a book publisher famous for titles
such as: Creative Visualization, and most recently The Power of Now by
Eckhart Tolle. He founded and was president of Rising Sun Records, one
of the pioneering record companies in the new age genre, where he was
both an artist as well as produced other artists and developed
international distribution licensing and radio play. He co-founded and
was general manager of The University Light Technology Limited where he
developed leading edge technology for healing, produced a product line
of video and audio programs and coordinated training internationally.

In this audio seminar you will learn: About a new product called Natural
Cellular Defense. This product comes in a liquid form, and is a zeolite.
A zeolite is a mineral that is formed from volcanic lava and the salt
from the sea and it is used for healing.	 
#10.  FREE Audio Seminar with guest speaker David Kirby - Author of
Evidence of Harm ($39.95 Value)	 
 <http://www.autismathomeseries.com/Home_files/d-kirby.jpg> 	David
has been a journalist for over 15 years, and has written for the New
York Times for the last 7 years. Currently David is a contributor to:
Arts and Leisure, Personal Health, Menâ?Ts Health, Science Times, Travel
and Weekend. From 1990-1993 David was director of public information at
the American foundation for aids research where he acted as a press
spokesman for chair woman Elizabeth Taylor and witnessed first hand the
inner workings of congress, the white house, and powerful federal
agencies like the FDA CDC and NIH. David also ran his own public
relations agency in New York from 1993-1996 with clients that included
the National Cancer Institute, ABC, BBC, Absolute Vodka, and many

In this audio seminar you will learn: The science of whatâ?Ts called the
Etiology of Autism or the causes of autism. He will give an overview of
Mercury and how weâ?Tre exposed to it, what it can do, as well as how
much is too much. Also discussed, some of the unapproved and
experimental treatments that are now being used with autistic children.
David is in no way endorsing or recommending these treatments but feels
that it is important for people to know what other parents and doctors
are doing to try to treat their children.	 
All 10 bonuses worth a total of $384.50 are yours for FREE when you
enroll in the program today.

$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
Click to Enroll Now

We want to thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter.
We are excited to share with you all the wonderful benefits and value
you will receive with your Autism At Home SeriesT enrollment.

We know from our own personal experience that the information that will
help you make progress with your child can come from many sources
(especially when you are actively looking for it). You never know when
you will come across that one great strategy or therapy that helps you
make a substantial breakthrough with your autistic child.

Our goal is to provide you with dozens of these opportunities every
single month.

$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
Click to Enroll Now

You will receive the Autism 101 Manual e-Book and the audio seminar
download links immediately and your first issue will be rushed to your
door with our compliments.

(NOTE: This trial offer is valid for NEW participants only). 

png> Yes! Iâ?Tm ready to receive the latest therapy and strategy
updates, thoughts and insights from some of the top-rated autism experts
in North America. Please rush my copy of the most recent issue of the
Autism At Home SeriesTM to me immediately... so I can start to learn
about the latest breakthroughs in the autism spectrum disorder.

I understand that I get a new issue of the Autism At Home SeriesTM
publication along with a CD interview with a different autism expert
every month, and I get to enjoy all of the other benefits of the program
for the low, low monthly price of just $34.95 USD

I also understand that youâ?Tre providing ...

png> 100% SECURE ORDERING: My order will be processed on a totally
secure server.

during my 1 Year RISK-Free Trial, I am not completely satisfied, I may
cancel my enrollment, receive a full and complete refund, and keep all
of the issues and CD interviews I have already received.

$1 Dollar 30-Day Trial!
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