cvs commit: src/etc/mtree BSD.include.dist BSD.usr.dist src/include Makefile src/lib Makefile src/lib/libatm Makefile atm_addr.c cache_key.c ioctl_subr.c ip_addr.c ip_checksum.c libatm.h timer.c src/rescue/rescue Makefile src/sbin/atm Makefile ..

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue May 27 14:59:02 UTC 2008

Quoting Niclas Zeising <niclas.zeising at> (from Tue, 27 May  
2008 11:12:23 +0200):

> Ok, I just thought this knob controlled tis part of the ATM are, but
> as far as i can tell, both libatm and atmarpd has been removed. Does
> this knob control any other parts of the software?

A little clarification please: Did the commit remove libatm and  
atmarpd, or does the knob remove it?

If the former: Robert, there's no entry in for this.


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