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Tue May 27 05:39:48 UTC 2008

In message <e7db6d980805262223y4ee76253u1ad9d29213fd580 at>, "Peter
 Wemm" writes:

>sparc64 and sun4v share userland.  The sparc64 in universe overs 99%
>of the compile test for sun4v already.

Are there any #ifdef sun4v in userland ?

>It seems a shame to compile sparc64 userland twice for universe.  And
>on that note, do we compile i386 twice for i386 and pc98?

Last I looked, there were a number of #ifdef PC98 in userland.

>I might find myself more inclined to use 'universe' if it had less
>duplicated work.

There is a difference between "duplicated work" and "almost duplicated

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