cvs commit: src/include/protocols dumprestore.h src/sbin/dump dump.h traverse.c src/sbin/restore dirs.c extern.h restore.h tape.c src/share/man/man5 fs.5 src/sys/sys extattr.h src/sys/ufs/ufs extattr.h

Kirk McKusick mckusick at
Fri May 23 18:08:33 UTC 2008

mckusick    2008-05-23 18:08:32 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    include/protocols    dumprestore.h 
    sbin/dump            dump.h traverse.c 
    sbin/restore         dirs.c extern.h restore.h tape.c 
    share/man/man5       fs.5 
    sys/sys              extattr.h 
    sys/ufs/ufs          extattr.h 
  MFC of an update to the dump program to save extended attributes
  and an update to the restore program to restore all dumped extended
  attributes. The affected files and the version being MFC'ed:
    Revision  Path
    1.11      src/include/protocols/dumprestore.h
    1.28      src/sbin/dump/dump.h
    1.38      src/sbin/dump/traverse.c
    1.31      src/sbin/restore/dirs.c
    1.11      src/sbin/restore/extern.h
    1.12      src/sbin/restore/restore.h
    1.48      src/sbin/restore/tape.c
    1.16      src/sys/sys/extattr.h
    1.21      src/sys/ufs/ufs/extattr.h
    1.24      src/share/man/man5/fs.5
  Note that this code will not compile until these header
  files have been updated: <protocols/dumprestore.h> and
  <sys/extattr.h>. This should happen in the course of doing
  a normal `buildworld'.
  This resolves PR 93085 which will be closed.
  PR:             bin/93085
  MFC request by: Robert Watson
  Revision   Changes    Path  +2 -1      src/include/protocols/dumprestore.h   +0 -2      src/sbin/dump/dump.h   +166 -18   src/sbin/dump/traverse.c   +54 -12    src/sbin/restore/dirs.c   +3 -1      src/sbin/restore/extern.h   +1 -0      src/sbin/restore/restore.h   +291 -13   src/sbin/restore/tape.c   +58 -1     src/share/man/man5/fs.5  +16 -0     src/sys/sys/extattr.h   +49 -0     src/sys/ufs/ufs/extattr.h

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