cvs commit: src/include stdio.h src/lib/libc/stdio clrerr.c feof.c ferror.c fileno.c getc.c getchar.c local.h putc.c putchar.c xprintf.c

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu May 8 08:36:10 UTC 2008

Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Kris Kennaway <kris at> [080507 16:20] wrote:
>> Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>>> (*) Important note: when considering autoconf scripts, most of the
>>> scripts test's come from a repository of scripts or are carbon
>>> copied from each other.  Saying that "all ports are broken" is not
>>> true, it is a single suite of configuration scripts that are broken
>>> and need fixing, then we will be OK.
>>> We have precident here of hacked autoconf and ports build logic
>>> that automatically "seds" various things in scripts.  I think
>>> a few knobs can fix this for us.
>> The offer was a serious one.  If you're interested in evaluating the 
>> impact of this change on ports then just say the word.
> There's no way I can look at this within the next two months.
> Afterwards I will give it a shot if time permits.

No problem, send portmgr an email when you're ready.  Of course, if 
someone else wants to look at it before then, that's fine too.


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