cvs commit: src/include stdio.h src/lib/libc/stdio clrerr.c feof.c ferror.c fileno.c getc.c getchar.c local.h putc.c putchar.c xprintf.c

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at
Wed May 7 22:32:41 UTC 2008

Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>> It appears that autoconf only believes a type is real if you can typedef it to 
>> another type, cast 0 to a valid pointer to the new typedef'd type, and do a 
>> sizeof() of the typdef'd type.  The last is where having an opaque type 
>> breaks down for scripts that want to make sure FILE is a real type.
> Oh c'mon!  we're going to revert this needed fix just because of
> autoconf?
> By the time 8.0 rolls around, autoconf will be fixed and there
> will be some standard patch/workaround for old autoconf.
> Let's just roll forward with this.  We've needed it for years.

Can you please explain the "needed" part? What are gains apart from pure 
aesthetics and removing some type dependency from libc that otherwise 
needs to know actual storage type of pthread_t&Co? Neither is worth 
breaking zillion autoconf scripts out there IMHO (not everybody uses up 
to date ports and ports in general!).


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