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M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Mar 16 16:10:26 PDT 2008

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            Sam Leffler <sam at> writes:
: Andrew Gallatin wrote:
: > John Baldwin [jhb at] wrote:
: >
: >   
: >>     MI code can currently (ab)use this by doing:
: >>   
: >>           intr_bind(rman_get_start(irq_res), cpu);
: >>   
: >>     however, I plan to add a truly MI interface (probably a bus_bind_intr(9))
: >>     
: >
: > Thank you very much for this!
: >
: > Do you plan to add a generic adminstrative interface to bind
: > interrupts, or may I add a driver specific sysctl to bind mxge's
: > interrupts in mxge?  If you plan to add a generic administrative
: > interface, I think we also need to add a way for drivers to label
: > their interrupts so that an administrator can differentiate between
: > the different MSI-X vectors.
: >   
: Any idea where this should go?  Might be time to grow a tool that grok's 
: the newbus hierarchy and pushes requests to devices.  I've wanted 
: functionality like netbsd has recently added to control power to devices 
: and this would be seem to be similar.  Not sure if we can do something 
: that'd unify programs like atacontrol and camcontrol (or whether this is 
: a good idea).

I've wanted to maek devctl grow this sort of thing for a long time,
but never had time to implement this.  It wouldn't be hard, just a bit
tedious.  Also, there's two types of requests that would need to be
handled.  One is where you tell a device to do something directly.
The other is where you tell its parent to do it to the child (and
maybe do some cleanup afterwards).


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