cvs commit: src/sys/powerpc/booke machdep.c

Rafal Jaworowski raj at
Sat Mar 8 19:21:31 UTC 2008

Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
>> Thanks for hooking this up, Marcel; it was [far] on my list too :)
> I just wanted my kernel builds to be faster :-)

Ah, self-hosted builds you mean? Over NFS, right? (this is how we usually test

>> BTW: currently U-Boot is broken for most of PPC variations (including
>> 85xx) in
>> the following way: d-cache is not being flushed before disabling and
>> strange
>> things happen as you imagine. For a quick workaround apply something
>> like this
>> when using ELF images:
> Yup. That's what we do at Juniper. I don't see any bad effects other
> than having to invalidate the cache before (re-)enabling it so I don't
> have that patch applied myself...

I have seen strange things, including hangs, and also TSEC non-functional
effects due to this issue... :)

> The problem I'm having with U-Boot is with the TSEC driver as you've
> seen on the U-Boot mailing list. I have one MPC8555CDS sitting idle
> after the U-Boot upgrade because I can't netboot :-/

Yes, I saw. Let me re-flash my 8555 with the latest image and try, but when
I'm not remote i.e. Monday. Don't know if you know this tip, but there used to
be a second flash bank on the MPC8555CDS that you can access while running
from the boot one, so you can recover in such scenario without a h/w debugger
by copying over that backup flash bank, provided you have a working image there...


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