cvs commit: src/sys/security/mac mac_framework.h mac_inet.c mac_policy.h src/sys/security/mac_biba mac_biba.c src/sys/security/mac_lomac mac_lomac.c src/sys/security/mac_mls mac_mls.c src/sys/security/mac_stub mac_stub.c ...

Robert Watson rwatson at
Fri Jun 13 22:14:32 UTC 2008

rwatson     2008-06-13 22:14:15 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/security/mac     mac_framework.h mac_inet.c mac_policy.h 
    sys/security/mac_biba mac_biba.c 
    sys/security/mac_lomac mac_lomac.c 
    sys/security/mac_mls mac_mls.c 
    sys/security/mac_stub mac_stub.c 
    sys/security/mac_test mac_test.c 
  SVN rev 179781 on 2008-06-13 22:14:15Z by rwatson
  The TrustedBSD MAC Framework named struct ipq instances 'ipq', which is the
  same as the global variable defined in ip_input.c.  Instead, adopt the name
  'q' as found in about 1/2 of uses in ip_input.c, preventing a collision on
  the name.  This is non-harmful, but means that search and replace on the
  global works less well (as in the virtualization work), as well as indexing
  MFC after:      1 week
  Reported by:    julian
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.98      +6 -6      src/sys/security/mac/mac_framework.h
  1.20      +14 -14    src/sys/security/mac/mac_inet.c
  1.108     +5 -6      src/sys/security/mac/mac_policy.h
  1.118     +10 -10    src/sys/security/mac_biba/mac_biba.c
  1.63      +11 -11    src/sys/security/mac_lomac/mac_lomac.c
  1.100     +10 -10    src/sys/security/mac_mls/mac_mls.c
  1.81      +8 -8      src/sys/security/mac_stub/mac_stub.c
  1.95      +9 -9      src/sys/security/mac_test/mac_test.c

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