cvs commit [HEAD] src/gnu/usr.bin/cpio Makefile

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jun 9 16:15:25 UTC 2008

Tim Kientzle wrote:
> This case is a little unusual: by default, I want to
> install both 'cpio' programs and symlink the common name
> to one of them.

I'm not sure how that relates to Jeremie's (valid) point that these 
flags need to be part of the system in I admit that 
getting stuff in there was a little intimidating to me at first, but 
Ruslan has created a nice automated system, and he'll be glad to help 
you if you need it.

> How about this:
>    WITH_GCPIO (default) - installs gcpio, symlinks 'cpio' unless 
> WITH_BSDCPIO defined
>    WITHOUT_GCPIO - does not install gcpio at all
>    WITH_BSDCPIO (default) - installs bsdcpio, symlinks 'cpio'
>    WITHOUT_BSDCPIO - does not install bsdcpio at all

If by "not install" you mean "build or install" then I'm with you, but 
I think it might be a little complicated. I'm not sure why you want to 
build and install both by default (except maybe to ease people's 
concerns in the interim period) but if it were me, in HEAD I would do 

WITH_BSDCPIO (default)	build, install, and symlink to cpio
WITHOUT_GCPIO (default)	do not build or install

Then if WITHOUT_BSDCPIO is defined you don't build or install it, and 
if WITH_GCPIO is defined you build, install, and symlink it, 
regardless of the state of the BSDCPIO knob.

When this gets MFC'ed I would just flip the defaults.




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