cvs commit: src/sys/kern uipc_syscalls.c

Andre Oppermann andre at
Sun Feb 24 12:22:08 UTC 2008

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Feb 2008, Colin Percival wrote:
>> cperciva    2008-02-24 00:07:00 UTC
>>  FreeBSD src repository
>>  Modified files:
>>    sys/kern             uipc_syscalls.c
>>  Log:
>>  After finishing sending file data in sendfile(2), don't forget to send
>>  the provided trailers.  This has been broken since revision 1.240.
> Nice work tracking this down -- it sounds like the perfect candidate for 
> a regression test.  Over the last year or two, we've been working hard 
> to populate src/tools/regression/sockets with various test cases, and it 
> sounds like the sendfile tests there could use some fleshing out, since 
> we've now seen several rather significant functional regressions over 
> the last few years.  Any chance we can get you to take a look at doing 
> that as well? :-)

Writing a regression test should be my task as I'm the one who broke
the stuff with rev 1.240.  I'll whip something up over the next week.


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