cvs commit: src/sys/sys lockmgr.h

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Feb 10 06:34:32 PST 2008

On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Attilio Rao wrote:

>> > I think this shall be MFCed to RELENG_7 and RELENG_7_0.
>> ... once it no longer breaks the tinderbox?
>> BTW, at this point 7.0 is basically closed to any further changes.  Anyone 
>> planning on getting things in to 7.x needs to be thinking about either 
>> errata notices (for really critical things) and 7.1.
> Buh! I'm very sorry for this. Really, this needed to be better croaked. It 
> needs to include sys/lock.h for any lockmgr.h consumer (making lock.h a 
> pre-requirement in lockmgr usage). This is going to be a little bit of work.
> For the moment I will revert this change, doing a better stub later, once 
> other details about lockmgr are refined.

Or temporarily nested include lock.h from lockmgr.h.  I'm pretty sure that all 
consumers of struct lock pretty much include _lock.h, so if there's a 
widespread dependency you could also move whatever the definitions are to 

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