cvs commit: src/share/mk src/usr.bin/kdump Makefile src/usr.bin/truss Makefile

Dag-Erling Smorgrav des at
Sun Feb 3 03:34:56 PST 2008

des         2008-02-03 11:34:56 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    usr.bin/kdump        Makefile 
    usr.bin/truss        Makefile 
  Normally, when a header file is removed from the build (as i4b headers
  were recently), a simple 'make cleandepend; make depend' is sufficient
  to keep the tree buildable after a cvs update when doing incremental
  However, kdump and truss use a script which searches for header files
  that define ioctls, and generates C code that includes them.  This
  script will usually not need updating when a header file is removed,
  so the normal dependency mechanism will not realize that it needs to
  be re-run.  One is therefore left with code that references dead files
  but will only be removed by a full 'make clean', which defeats the
  purpose of incremental builds.
  To work around this, modify the cleandepend target in to
  also remove any files listed in a new variable named CLEANDEPFILES,
  and modify kdump's and truss's Makefiles accordingly.
  MFC after:      2 weeks
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.49      +5 -0      src/share/mk/
  1.13      +2 -1      src/usr.bin/kdump/Makefile
  1.23      +3 -2      src/usr.bin/truss/Makefile

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