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Marius Strobl marius at
Wed Sep 26 14:14:19 PDT 2007

marius      2007-09-26 21:14:18 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man4       gem.4 
    sys/conf             NOTES 
    sys/dev/gem          if_gem.c if_gem_pci.c if_gemreg.h 
    sys/modules          Makefile 
    sys/powerpc/conf     NOTES 
  o Revert the part of if_gem.c rev. 1.35 which added a call to gem_stop()
    to gem_attach() as the former access softc members not yet initialized
    at that time and gem_reset() actually is enough to stop the chip. [1]
  o Revise the use of gem_bitwait(); add bus_barrier() calls before calling
    gem_bitwait() to ensure the respective bit has been written before we
    starting polling on it and poll for the right bits to change, f.e. even
    though we only reset RX we have to actually wait for both GEM_RESET_RX
    and GEM_RESET_TX to clear. Add some additional gem_bitwait() calls in
    places we've been missing them according to the GEM documentation.
    Along with this some excessive DELAYs, which probably only were added
    because of bugs in gem_bitwait() and its use in the first place, as
    well as as have of an gem_bitwait() reimplementation in gem_reset_tx()
    were removed.
  o Add gem_reset_rxdma() and use it to deal with GEM_MAC_RX_OVERFLOW errors
    more gracefully as unlike gem_init_locked() it resets the RX DMA engine
    only, causing no link loss and the FIFOs not to be cleared. Also use it
    deal with GEM_INTR_RX_TAG_ERR errors, with previously were unhandled.
    This was based on information obtained from the Linux GEM and OpenSolaris
    ERI drivers.
  o Turn on workarounds for silicon bugs in the Apple GMAC variants.
    This was based on information obtained from the Darwin GMAC and Linux GEM
  o Turn on "infinite" (i.e. maximum 31 * 64 bytes in length) DMA bursts.
    This greatly improves especially RX performance.
  o Optimize the RX path, this consists of:
    - kicking the receiver as soon as we've a spare descriptor in gem_rint()
      again instead of just once after all the ready ones have been handled;
    - kicking the receiver the right way, i.e. as outlined in the GEM
      documentation in batches of 4 and by pointing it to the descriptor
      after the last valid one;
    - calling gem_rint() before gem_tint() in gem_intr() as gem_tint() may
      take quite a while;
    - doubling the size of the RX ring to 256 descriptors.
    Overall the RX performance of a GEM in a 1GHz Sun Fire V210 was improved
    from ~100Mbit/s to ~850Mbit/s.
  o In gem_add_rxbuf() don't assign the newly allocated mbuf to rxs_mbuf
    before calling bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg(), if bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg()
    fails we'll free the newly allocated mbuf, unable to recycle the
    previous one but a NULL pointer dereference instead.
  o In gem_init_locked() honor the return value of gem_meminit().
  o Simplify gem_ringsize() and dont' return garbage in the default case.
    Based on OpenBSD.
  o Don't turn on MAC control, MIF and PCS interrupts unless GEM_DEBUG is
    defined as we don't need/use these interrupts for operation.
  o In gem_start_locked() sync the DMA maps of the descriptor rings before
    every kick of the transmitter and not just once after enqueuing all
    packets as the NIC might instantly start transmitting after we kicked
    it the first time.
  o Keep state of the link state and use it to enable or disable the MAC
    in gem_mii_statchg() accordingly as well as to return early from
    gem_start_locked() in case the link is down. [3]
  o Initialize the maximum frame size to a sane value.
  o In gem_mii_statchg() enable carrier extension if appropriate.
  o Increment if_ierrors in case of an GEM_MAC_RX_OVERFLOW error and in
    gem_eint(). [3]
  o Handle IFF_ALLMULTI correctly; don't set it if we've turned promiscuous
    group mode on and don't clear the flag if we've disabled promiscuous
    group mode (these were mostly NOPs though). [2]
  o Let gem_eint() also report GEM_INTR_PERR errors.
  o Move setting sc_variant from gem_pci_probe() to gem_pci_attach() as
    device probe methods are not supposed to touch the softc.
  o Collapse sc_inited and sc_pci into bits for sc_flags.
  o Add CTASSERTs ensuring that GEM_NRXDESC and GEM_NTXDESC are set to
    legal values.
  o Correctly set up for 802.3x flow control, though #ifdef out the code
    that actually enables it as this needs more testing and mainly a proper
    framework to support it.
  o Correct and add some conversions from hard-coded functions names to
    __func__ which were borked or forgotten in if_gem.c rev. 1.42.
  o Use PCIR_BAR instead of a homegrown macro.
  o Replace sc_enaddr[6] with sc_enaddr[ETHER_ADDR_LEN].
  o In gem_pci_attach() in case attaching fails release the resources in
    the opposite order they were allocated.
  o Make gem_reset() static to if_gem.c as it's not needed outside that
  o Remove the GEM_GIGABIT flag and the associated code; GEM_GIGABIT was
    never set and the associated code was in the wrong place.
  o Remove sc_mif_config; it was only used to cache the contents of the
    respective register within gem_attach().
  o Remove the #ifdef'ed out NetBSD/OpenBSD code for establishing a suspend
    hook as it will never be used on FreeBSD.
  o Also probe Apple Intrepid 2 GMAC and Apple Shasta GMAC, add support for
    Apple K2 GMAC. Based on OpenBSD.
  o Add support for Sun GBE/P cards, or in other words actually add support
    for cards based on GEM to gem(4). This mainly consists of adding support
    for the TBI of these chips. Along with this the PHY selection code was
    rewritten to hardcode the PHY number for certain configurations as for
    example the PHY of the on-board ERI of Blade 1000 shows up twice causing
    no link as the second incarnation is isolated.
    These changes were ported from OpenBSD with some additional improvements
    and modulo some bugs.
  o Add code to if_gem_pci.c allowing to read the MAC-address from the VPD on
    systems without Open Firmware.
    This is an improved version of my variant of the respective code in
  o Now that gem(4) is MI enable it for all archs.
  Pointed out by: yongari [1]
  Suggested by:   rwatson [2], yongari [3]
  Tested on:      i386 (GEM), powerpc (GMACs by marcel and yongari),
                  sparc64 (ERI and GEM)
  Reviewed by:    yongari
  Approved by:    re (kensmith)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.8       +13 -6     src/share/man/man4/gem.4
  1.1454    +2 -0      src/sys/conf/NOTES
  1.44      +496 -318  src/sys/dev/gem/if_gem.c
  1.23      +126 -39   src/sys/dev/gem/if_gem_pci.c
  1.5       +114 -34   src/sys/dev/gem/if_gemreg.h
  1.15      +39 -27    src/sys/dev/gem/if_gemvar.h
  1.540     +1 -3      src/sys/modules/Makefile
  1.9       +0 -1      src/sys/powerpc/conf/NOTES

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