cvs commit: src/lib/libc/locale utf8.c

LI Xin delphij at
Fri Oct 26 10:41:38 PDT 2007

Scott Long wrote:
> You're right that nothing can be promised, but you're ignoring what Ken
> and I are saying about having a justification for changes.  Yes, MSI
> added a feature that wasn't present in previous releases.  But it's
> something that is optional and can be easily ifdef'd in source.  The
> ctype ABI change isn't like that at all; it's mandatory and it can't be
> worked around.  We also asked that even justifiable changes be evaluated
> to see if there was any work-around to avoid breakage.  Several have
> already been suggested for the ctype change.

rafan@ has a patch that implements Warner's suggestion by removing the
inline's from _ctype.h and the macros from ctype.h, and is testing the
impact.  Basically the approach do the following:

 - Keep __mb_sb_limit intact.  It is used for internal state of the
locale system and is needed for programs compiled in the window.
 - Remove the is*() defines.
 - Remove the inline functions.
 - Put the inlined stuff into isctype.c.

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