cvs commit: src/lib/libc/locale utf8.c

LI Xin delphij at
Fri Oct 26 10:29:35 PDT 2007

Ken Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 11:41 -0400, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On Friday 26 October 2007 10:53:47 am David O'Brien wrote:
>>> On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 05:31:03PM -0400, Ken Smith wrote:
>>>> What we need to try and avoid unless *absolutely* *necessary* is the
>>>> using a 6.3-REL base for the builds
>>> This is news to me.
>>> I've never heard that we're that concerned with forward compatability
>>> even on a RELENG branch.  We do not break the ABI for backwards
>>> compatability - in that everything (including kernel modules) that ran on
>>> 6.2 must run on 6.3.
>> Agreed.  The solution to the shared /usr/local problem is to use the oldest 
>> version for /usr/local.  That has always been the case.  Forwards 
>> compatiblity (what you are asking for) is significantly harder to guarantee 
>> since accurately predicting the future isn't much a science.
> Yeah, sorry.  I guess I've been a bit grumpy the past couple days and
> over-stated the "*absolutely* *necessary*" part above.  It should have
> read "*necessary*", not "*absolutely* *necessary*".
> I'd just like us to question if it's necessary here.  Is there a good
> enough way to do this without causing the breakage?  I sorta liked
> Warren's question.  Does this stuff need to be inlined and if not would
> that solution avoid the breakage?

Apart from removing the inline stuff in ctype.h it seems to be no way to
avoid the ABI breakage without problem or other troubles.  The inlined
functions are usually used in a loop which may have some impact to
performance, I think we need to do some actual benchmark before
concluding anything, but no, I'm not inclined for that approach yet.

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