cvs commit: src/sys/sys gpt.h src/lib/libstand Makefile src/sbin/gpt Makefile add.c boot.c gpt.8 gpt.c gpt.h show.c src/sys/boot/common ufsread.c src/sys/boot/i386 Makefile src/sys/boot/i386/gptboot Makefile gptboot.c gptldr.S ...

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Oct 24 16:55:59 PDT 2007

John Baldwin wrote: This partition does not have a fixed size in that
>   /boot/pmbr will load the entire partition into the lower 640k.  However,
>   it is limited in that it can only be 545k.  That's still a lot better than
>   the current 7.5k limit for boot2 on MBR.  gptboot mostly acts just like
>   boot2 in that it reads /boot.config and loads up /boot/loader.  Some more
>   details:

I suggest that we compile a freebsd 1.1 kernel up as the bootloader.


 I remember that it cold be  loaded below 640 when it was 386bsd.
in fact I think it was me that moved it up to 1MB..

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