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Garance A Drosehn gad at
Wed Oct 17 10:22:58 PDT 2007

At 6:15 PM +0200 10/17/07, Stefan Esser wrote:
>Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>>  * Ceri Davies <ceri at> [071016 15:59] wrote:
>>>  While userland can tell if a filesystem is pseudo or not, (see lsvfs),
>>>  I'm not sure that we can reliably tell whether a device is removable or
>>>  not (cf. my camera, USB key, iPod, etc.).
>>  fstab(5) gives some hints, "noauto" would be a giveaway as well as
>>  value of 0 for 'fs_passno' is also a hint.
>Hmmm, file systems with noauto could be added to $PRUNEPATHS, I guess.
>But I'm against too much magic behind the scenes, since that may lead
>to violation of the POLA. I'll give it a try, anyway ...

I would not base locate.db decisions based on the setting of noauto.
Sysadmins set noauto because they don't want the filesystem to be
automatically mounted.  We should not assume we know *why* they do
not want it mounted.

If you wanted to add some new mount option of 'nolocate', then we
could use that value.  But the noauto option has nothing to do with
the locate command.

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