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Scott Long scottl at
Mon Oct 15 16:00:54 PDT 2007

Constantine A. Murenin wrote:
> Dear Scott,
> The announcement of the completion of the project went onto several
> mailing lists in mid-September. It even contained my request for the
> re@ approval.
> My FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report from October 2007 quite
> unambiguously indicated that the work of the project is deemed
> completed and ready to enter the CVS tree shortly after the code
> freeze is over.
> Many other pages in the domain contained the same message.
> This should have given everyone who was interested in reviewing the
> work an ample opportunity to do so.

I'm not exactly sure why you're singling me out on this.  I have not 
spoken out at all about your sensord work or whether it should or should
not be in CVS.  Please direct that discussion at those who have.  I do
have issues with the OpenBSD "bio framework", and those are being 
discussed now.  I'm sorry that this has turned into such a circus for you.


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