cvs commit: src/etc/rc.d

John Hay jhay at
Thu Oct 11 10:38:32 PDT 2007

> >This is precisely why we have rc.early and rc.local: so people who have 
> >special (perhaps one-off) needs can do special (perhaps one-off) things 
> >without jumping through too many hoops.
> No one is suggesting removing rc.local, and I would vigorously oppose 
> doing so.
> As I said in my last message, if users respond to the deprecation warning 
> with a request not to remove it, we can convert it to being a regular rc.d 
> script. That way it's only a little dangerous instead of being super 
> dangerous and potentially fatal.

Well I use it (/etc/rc.early) here for our wireless routers because it
runs early enough that one can twiddle things in time for the rest of
the network rc stuff to pick it up. It is nice to have it, but not a
big deal if it does go away. I will just add it locally. :-)

About the danger side of it, I'm not sure we should worry about it
too much. On a "normal" machine only root can create/edit
/etc/rc.early and there are many other ways root can kill his box.

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