cvs commit: src Makefile.inc1 src/lib/libpthread Makefile src/sbin/ggate Makefile src/usr.bin Makefile src/usr.sbin Makefile src/usr.sbin/ngctl Makefile

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Mon Oct 1 11:22:33 PDT 2007

ru          2007-10-01 18:22:32 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    .                    Makefile.inc1 
    lib/libpthread       Makefile 
    sbin/ggate           Makefile 
    usr.bin              Makefile 
    usr.sbin             Makefile 
    usr.sbin/ngctl       Makefile 
  Always install libpthread.* symlinks if at least one of
  the threading libraries is built.  This simplifies the
  logic in makefiles that need to check if the pthreads
  support is present.  It also fixes a bug where we would
  build a threading library that we shouldn't have built:
  for example, building with WITHOUT_LIBTHR and the default
  value of DEFAULT_THREADING_LIB (libthr) would mistakenly
  build the libthr library, but not install it.
  Approved by:    re (kensmith)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.585     +9 -1      src/Makefile.inc1
  1.64      +3 -2      src/lib/libpthread/Makefile
  1.8       +1 -2      src/sbin/ggate/Makefile
  1.301     +1 -2      src/usr.bin/Makefile
  1.373     +5 -14     src/usr.sbin/Makefile
  1.20      +1 -2      src/usr.sbin/ngctl/Makefile

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