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>"Poul-Henning Kamp" <phk at> writes:
>> In message <473DD94D.8050605 at>, Scott Long writes:
>> > But then why not have g_access be able to communicate the ability to
>> > access the device independent from the ability to access the media?
>> > Seems like both of these questions are "access" questions.
>> Because that is a lot more work for no benefit I can see ?
>There is another closely related problem which also needs fixing and
>which also requires GEOM to distinguish between device and media: GEOM's
>behaviour when the media changes while the device is open (e.g. burning
>a CD).  AFAIK, it is not currently possible to properly fixate a CD-R in
>FreeBSD; the CDRIOCFIXATE ioctl always fails because once the media has
>changed (from blank to non-blank), all access fails until you close and
>reopen the device.

This is so CD specific that somehow it must be managed inside the driver.

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