cvs commit: src/lib/libdisk open_disk.c

Rink Springer rink at
Thu Nov 15 08:18:06 PST 2007

rink        2007-11-15 16:18:05 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    lib/libdisk          open_disk.c 
  Approved by:    imp (mentor)
  rink        2007-08-05 16:55:40 UTC
    FreeBSD src repository
    Modified files:
      lib/libdisk          open_disk.c
    Improve error handling in libdisk while parsing the kern.geom.conftxt sysctl.
    Previously, any parse error will result in the calling program exiting with an
    unpleasant message. This change will cause libdisk to issue a warning and
    ignore lines it cannot parse instead of bluntly terminating the unfortunate
    enough program.
    This change will allow you to use sysinstall if you have a NTFS parition with
    a space in the name (such as 'Win Xp'). In such a case, a line like the
    following will appear in the kern.geom.conftxt output:
    2 LABEL ntfs/Win Xp 209818635264 512 i 0 o 0
    As the fields are space-separated, libdisk would go beserk and exit the program.
    This would happen if using FreeBSD 7.0 snapshot images (as GEOM_LABEL is in
    the installation kernel as well), thus making it impossible to install FreeBSD
    without renaming your NTFS paritions.
    Reported by:    Dwight Berendse <dwight at berendse dot org>
    Nod from:       phk
    Reviewed by:    imp
    Approved by:    re (bmah), imp (mentor)
    MFC after:      1 month
    Revision  Changes    Path
    1.11      +38 -19    src/lib/libdisk/open_disk.c
  Revision  Changes    Path  +38 -19    src/lib/libdisk/open_disk.c

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