cvs commit: src/sys/security/mac mac_framework.h mac_policy.h mac_posix_sem.c src/sys/security/mac_biba mac_biba.c src/sys/security/mac_mls mac_mls.c src/sys/security/mac_stub mac_stub.c src/sys/security/mac_test mac_test.c

Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Nov 6 06:47:00 PST 2007

rwatson     2007-11-06 14:46:59 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_7)
    sys/security/mac     mac_framework.h mac_policy.h 
    sys/security/mac_biba mac_biba.c 
    sys/security/mac_mls mac_mls.c 
    sys/security/mac_stub mac_stub.c 
    sys/security/mac_test mac_test.c 
  Merge mac_framework.h:1.85, mac_policy.h:1.95, mac_posix_sem.c:1.10,
  mac_biba.c:1.108, mac_mls.c:1.89, mac_stub.c:1.69, mac_test.c:1.79 from
    Canonicalize naming of local variables for struct ksem and associated
    labels to 'ks' and 'kslabel' to reflect the convention in posix_sem.c.
    Obtained from:        TrustedBSD Project
  Approved by:    re (kensmith)
  Revision   Changes    Path   +7 -7      src/sys/security/mac/mac_framework.h   +7 -7      src/sys/security/mac/mac_policy.h    +19 -20    src/sys/security/mac/mac_posix_sem.c  +9 -9      src/sys/security/mac_biba/mac_biba.c   +9 -9      src/sys/security/mac_mls/mac_mls.c   +14 -14    src/sys/security/mac_stub/mac_stub.c   +6 -6      src/sys/security/mac_test/mac_test.c

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