cvs commit: src/sys/dev/sound/pci envy24.c envy24.h envy24ht.c envy24ht.h spicds.c spicds.h

Joel Dahl joel at
Sun May 27 19:58:49 UTC 2007

joel        2007-05-27 19:58:39 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository (doc committer)

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/sound/pci    envy24.c envy24.h envy24ht.c envy24ht.h 
                         spicds.c spicds.h 
  Bring in a bunch of bug fixes and some code to support more chipsets.
  Neither me nor Ariff have access to any of this hardware, so all tests
  have been made by Konstantin and Artem.  Commit message mostly written
  by Konstantin.
  - Add test code to support rear line-in input on 'Terratec DMX 6fire'
    audio card.  This code is also intended to be used in the future for
    support of cards, that have I2C-to-GPIO expanders wired between the
    control line of the audio codec and the Envy24, however such cards
    are too complex and i can't add that support without hardware sample
    of such board, i've already tried and failed.
  - Add support for 'AudioTrak Prodigy HD2'.
  - Add support for 'AudioTrak Prodigy 7.1 XT'.
  - Add support for 'ESI Juli@' (Works ok, DAC volume is hard-coded for
    the time being, so 'mixer vol ...' doesn't work, only 'mixer pcm
    ...' works). [1]
  - Fix bug in the init data for M-Audio Revolution 5.1, that
    results in distorted sound.
  - Add software volume control (now 'mixer pcm' works, thanks to Ariff).
  - Add support for more samples rates - 176.4kHz and 192kHz.
  - Fix problem with the 192kHz samples rate playback when 24.576MHz
    crystal is used on the board instead of 49.152MHz crystal.
  - Add support for Asahi Kasei flagship DAC - AK4396 (used in AudioTrak
    Prodigy HD2).
  Submitted by:   Konstantin Dimitrov <kosio.dimitrov at>
  Tested by:      Artem Antonov [1]
  Reviewed by:    ariff
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.13      +129 -6    src/sys/dev/sound/pci/envy24.c
  1.2       +13 -0     src/sys/dev/sound/pci/envy24.h
  1.13      +72 -9     src/sys/dev/sound/pci/envy24ht.c
  1.5       +5 -0      src/sys/dev/sound/pci/envy24ht.h
  1.6       +22 -4     src/sys/dev/sound/pci/spicds.c
  1.4       +5 -0      src/sys/dev/sound/pci/spicds.h

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