cvs commit: src/sys/conf files src/sys/crypto/via padlock.c src/sys/dev/hifn hifn7751.c hifn7751reg.h hifn7751var.h src/sys/dev/safe safe.c src/sys/dev/ubsec ubsec.c src/sys/geom/eli g_eli.c g_eli_crypto.c src/sys/modules/hifn Makefile ...

Sam Leffler sam at
Wed Mar 21 03:45:28 UTC 2007

Sam Leffler wrote:
> sam         2007-03-21 03:42:51 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/conf             files 
>     sys/crypto/via       padlock.c 
>     sys/dev/hifn         hifn7751.c hifn7751reg.h hifn7751var.h 
>     sys/dev/safe         safe.c 
>     sys/dev/ubsec        ubsec.c 
>     sys/geom/eli         g_eli.c g_eli_crypto.c 
>     sys/modules/hifn     Makefile 
>     sys/modules/safe     Makefile 
>     sys/modules/ubsec    Makefile 
>     sys/netipsec         ipsec.c 
>     sys/opencrypto       crypto.c cryptodev.c cryptodev.h 
>                          cryptosoft.c cryptosoft.h 
>     tools/tools/crypto   cryptokeytest.c cryptotest.c 
>   Removed files:
>     sys/opencrypto       crypto_if.m 
>   Log:
>   Overhaul driver/subsystem api's:
>   o make all crypto drivers have a device_t; pseudo drivers like the s/w
>     crypto driver synthesize one
>   o change the api between the crypto subsystem and drivers to use kobj;
>     cryptodev_if.m defines this api
>   o use the fact that all crypto drivers now have a device_t to add support
>     for specifying which of several potential devices to use when doing
>     crypto operations
>   o add new ioctls that allow user apps to select a specific crypto device
>     to use (previous ioctls maintained for compatibility)
>   o overhaul crypto subsystem code to eliminate lots of cruft and hide
>     implementation details from drivers
>   o bring in numerous fixes from Michale Richardson/hifn; mostly for
>     795x parts
>   o add an optional mechanism for mmap'ing the hifn 795x public key h/w
>     to user space for use by openssl (not enabled by default)
>   o update crypto test tools to use new ioctl's and add cmd line options
>     to specify a device to use for tests
>   These changes will also enable much future work on improving the core
>   crypto subsystem; including proper load balancing and interposing code
>   between the core and drivers to dispatch small operations to the s/w
>   driver as appropriate.
>   These changes were instigated by the work of Michael Richardson.
>   Reviewed by:    pjd
>   Approved by:    re

man page updates coming separately.


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