IPv6 breakage in recent changes - Re: cvs commit: src/sys/netinet tcp_syncache.c

John Hay jhay at meraka.org.za
Mon Mar 19 12:35:38 UTC 2007

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 07:16:38PM +0900, Hajimu UMEMOTO wrote:
> Hi,
> >>>>> On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 09:48:50 +0100
> >>>>> Andre Oppermann <andre at freebsd.org> said:
> andre> I thought I had tested IPv6 as well but as it turns out I have
> andre> changed /etc/hosts to use IPv4 first instead of IPv6 as is the
> andre> default.  We should think of doing this in -current for 7.0 as
> andre> well.  IPv6 is quite a bit slower than IPv4 still and everything
> andre> that uses localhost is affected by it.
> Now, ip6addrctl_enable is on by default on 7-CURRENT.  So, if
> ipv6_enable is off (default), an IPv4 address should be returned 1st,
> without regarding the order in /etc/hosts.  Is it insufficient for
> you?

The lengths we will go to keep the users of legacy protocols happy. :-)
I was at the point of suggesting we should get rid of the #if INET6's
in our code and just keep all the ipv4 and ipv6 code under a single
#if INET umbrella. :-)

John Hay -- John.Hay at meraka.csir.co.za / jhay at FreeBSD.org

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