[SRC] cvs commit: src/sys/i386/acpica acpi_wakeup.c src/sys/i386/i386 pmap.c

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Thu Mar 15 16:29:24 UTC 2007

In message: <45F8804F.1050606 at root.org>
            Nate Lawson <nate at root.org> writes:
: I propose conditionalizing this code on "if (pseflag)".  Of course, the
: acpi suspend code will fail on 486's but we disable acpi entirely if the
: bios date < 1999/1/1 and acpi isn't supported on the 486.

The earliest machines that have ACPI are in the Pentium 200 range.
The last of the original P54C family.  I have one really old laptop
that has a "mobile" Pentium 300 in it that has ACPI, but its bios is
too old to use.  This is on the cusp of the Pentium II class machines,
so I think we'll likely be OK.  Newer enough versions of the BIOS just
aren't available for these older machines that I've been able to find.


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