cvs commit: src/usr.sbin/pkg_install/lib url.c

Bruce Evans bde at
Wed Mar 7 06:15:13 UTC 2007

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Tim Kientzle wrote:

>>>>> ... GNU tar(1) implied the
>>>>> -p option for root, but BSD tar(1) doesn't do that.
>>>> Hmmm...  This might actually be considered a bsdtar bug.
>>>> I'll look into it.
>>> That behavior of BSD tar(1) surprised me, to be honest.
> It's a trivial fix; there's already a check for whether
> tar is being run by root.  If so, it sets _EXTRACT_OWNER
> to restore the owner.  I just need to fill in the flags
> associated with -p as well.
> One problem that I don't see documented in any GNU tar
> docs I can find:  Is there a way to suppress this behavior
> for root in GNU tar?


      Do not attempt to restore ownership when extracting.  This is the
      default behavior for ordinary users, so this option has an effect
      only for the superuser.


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