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> >On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 06:58:04PM +0000, Andrew Thompson wrote:
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> >>  All non-tagged traffic is treated as vlan1 as per IEEE 802.1Q-2003
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> >Common practice: non-tagged traffic is treated as "native vlan".
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> I'm confused now. Is this practice different from what the 802.1Q 
> standard says?


8.8.2 Static VLAN Registration Entries
A Static VLAN Registration Entry specifies
a) The VID of the VLAN to which the static filtering information
b) A Port Map, consisting of a control element for each outbound Port,
1) The Registrar Administrative Control values for the GVRP protocol
(Clause 11) for the VLAN.
In addition to providing control over the operation of GVRP, these
values can also directly
affect the forwarding behavior of the Bridge, as described in
8.8.9. The values that can be
represented are
i) Registration Fixed; or
ii) Registration Forbidden; or
iii) Normal Registration.
2) Whether frames are to be VLAN-tagged or untagged when
transmitted. The entries in the Port
Map that specify untagged transmission compose the untagged set for
the VLAN. The
untagged set is empty if no Static VLAN Registration Entry exists for
the VLAN.
A separate Static VLAN Registration Entry with a distinct Port Map may
be created for each VLAN. All
Bridges shall be capable of supporting all values for each control
element for all Static VLAN Registration
Entries; however, the ability to support more than one untagged VLAN
on egress on any given Port is
optional (see 5.3).
NOTE 1In other words, it shall be possible to configure any VLAN as
untagged on egress, but it is an implementation
option as to whether only a single untagged VLAN per Port on egress is
supported, or whether multiple untagged
VLANs per Port on egress are supported.
The initial state of the Permanent Database contains a Static VLAN
Registration Entry for the VLAN
corresponding to the Default PVID (Table 9-2). The Port Map in this
entry specifies Registration Fixed and
forwarding untagged for all Ports of the Bridge. This entry may be
modified or removed from the Permanent
Database by means of the management operations defined in Clause 12 if
the implementation supports these
NOTE 2This initial state causes the default tagging state for the PVID
to be untagged, and for all other VIDs to be
tagged, unless otherwise configured; however, the management
configuration mechanisms allow any VID (including the
PVID) to be specified as VLAN-tagged or untagged on any Port.

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