cvs commit: src/sys/cam/scsi scsi_da.c

Sam Leffler sam at
Tue Jan 23 19:13:17 UTC 2007

mjacob at wrote:
>>>           */
>>> -        {T_DIRECT, SIP_MEDIA_REMOVABLE, "*", "MP3 Player*",
>>> +        {T_DIRECT, SIP_MEDIA_REMOVABLE, "EM732X", "MP3 Player*",
>>>          "1.0"}, /*quirks*/ DA_Q_NO_SYNC_CACHE
>>>      },
>>>  };
>> Thanks.
> a) It'd be nice if we could move quirks to some sysctl or hints format
> to get out of this tail chasing business.
> b) We should have a 'scsi_pessimistic' flag that would be used for
> install kernels and as emergency parachutes for people that allows
> people to drive h/w with minimum requirements and functionality.
There are other databases besides quirks that'd be good to make more
flexible.  Wonder if splitting them into modules would be an
improvement?  Not as good as a sysctl or a hint but it would allow
changing a GENERIC kernel w/o rebuilding.


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