cvs commit: src/sys/sparc64/include bus.h src/sys/sparc64/isa isa.c src/sys/sparc64/pci ofw_pci_if.m psycho.c src/sys/sun4v/include bus.h src/sys/sun4v/sun4v hv_pci.c

Marius Strobl marius at
Thu Jan 18 13:52:44 UTC 2007

marius      2007-01-18 13:52:44 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/sparc64/include  bus.h 
    sys/sparc64/isa      isa.c 
    sys/sparc64/pci      ofw_pci_if.m psycho.c 
    sys/sun4v/include    bus.h 
    sys/sun4v/sun4v      hv_pci.c 
  Remove the compat shims for the ISA old-stlye in{b,w,l}()/out{b,w,l}()
  and friends along with all hacks required to implement them. None of
  the drivers currently built (as part of GENERIC, LINT or modules) on
  sparc64 or sun4v and none of those we might want to use there in
  future uses them, AFAICT there actually never was a driver hooked up
  to the sparc64 or sun4v build that correctly used these functions
  (and it looks like that due to a bug read{b,w,l}()/write{b,w,l}() and
  the other functions working on a memory handle never actually worked on
  sun4v). All they ever were good for on sparc64 and sun4v was erroneously
  dragging in dependencies on isa(4) in drivers like f.e. dpt(4), si(4)
  and syscons(4) in source files that supposedly were bus-neutral and
  hiding issues with drivers like f.e. ng_bt3c(4) that used these
  functions with busses other than isa(4) and therefore couldn't work on
  these platforms.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.40      +0 -53     src/sys/sparc64/include/bus.h
  1.18      +0 -13     src/sys/sparc64/isa/isa.c
  1.7       +0 -21     src/sys/sparc64/pci/ofw_pci_if.m
  1.62      +0 -21     src/sys/sparc64/pci/psycho.c
  1.2       +0 -53     src/sys/sun4v/include/bus.h
  1.3       +0 -28     src/sys/sun4v/sun4v/hv_pci.c

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